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Add or copy subtitles to video

With Qencode, you can add, modify, copy and remove subtitles from any of your video renditions. Subtitle settings are managed as part of the format object when using the /v1/start_encode2 method.

Currently supported subtitles formats are .srt and .ass.

You can create closed captions from existing subtitles in text format.

Adding Subtitles

To create subtitles, add source and language within the sources object.



Subtitles file URL


Subtitles file language

Subtitles Example:

           "source" : "https://qencode.com/sub/video.ENG.srt",
           "language" : "eng"
           "source" : "https://qencode.com/sub/video.FRA.srt",
           "language" : "fra"

Removing Subtitles

Existing subtitles are copied by default. If you want to remove subtitles from your video, set the subtitles_copy = 0

Copying EIA-608 or EIA-708 Captions

Yoy can also set the copy = 1 to copy EIA-608 or EIA-708 closed captions to the output stream (defaults to 0).

     "copy": 1 //copy eia608 or eia708 closed captions to output stream