Learn how to add or copy subtitles for your videos

Subtitles are important to make sure your viewers can enjoy your content based on their needs and preferences. We've made it easy to add, modify, copy and remove subtitles associated with your input and output videos.

Subtitles an attribute of the format object. Currently supported subtitles formats are SRT and ASS. You can create a closed captions from existing subtitles in text format.

To create subtitles, set the subtitles attribute with an object that contains two optional fields:

  • sources

    an array of subtitle objects for a closed captions stream.

  • copy

    whether or not to copy eia608 or eia708 closed captions to the output stream (defaults to 0).

Subtitle Object Description


Subtitles file URL
Subtitles file language

Subtitles Example:

           "source" : "https://server.com/sub/video.ENG.srt",
           "language" : "eng"
           "source" : "https://server.com/sub/video.FRA.srt",
           "language" : "fra"
     "copy": 1 //copy eia608 or eia708 closed captions to output stream