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Last updated March 2024

March 2024

Generate Subtitles and Transcripts using Speech-to-Text AI

Generate subtitles and transcripts from your audio and video files in over 50 languages using automatic speech recognition powered by AI. Instantly create SRT and VTT files for captions, as well as a full transcript and timestamped JSON to further enrich your content pipeline.

January 2024

Per-Title Encoding for H.265/HEVC

Get better video compression for H.265 with our Per-Title Encoding update. This enhancement to AI-powered HEVC bitrate prediction improves streaming quality and reduces data usage, making it especially useful for UHD content, VR experiences, or for delivering high definition video to users with low bandwidth connections.

November 2023

Enhanced Documentation

We have expanded our documentation to be more complete and user friendly. This is just the beginning, more updates are coming soon.

October 2023

Generate Signed Cookies

Allow your users to access secure content seamlessly across multiple requests without needing to re-authenticate each time. This is especially useful in HLS and DASH to better handle re-authentication for each video segment.

September 2023

Organizations and Team Members

Create an Organization and add team members to your account. Assign roles to each member based on the desired level of access to your Organization details.

Add Custom Domains

Use your own domains and generate signing keys, enabling secure HTTPS access through managed TLS certificates and enhanced control over content access, to improve security and personalization in accessing stored media and live streams.

Create Signed URLs

Safely share time-sensitive or premium content by generating secure, time-restricted URL links to your media files. This enhances content security while mitigating unauthorized data exposure. Key functionality includes JWT token generation and management, managing expiring time for secure file accessibility.

August 2023

Add Multiple Playback IDs

Control content distribution more effectively by creating 'Public' or 'Authenticated' Playback IDs. This enables you to create separate, policy-controlled URLs for each live stream, providing access control at a granular level.

Enable Automatic Wallet Refills

Maximizing your bonus credits with automatic refills to our wallet. Set a balance threshold will trigger an automatic deposit from the designated payment method when reached.

July 2023

Qencode S3 Media Storage

Access infinite storage capacity that grows with your media library. Supported globally with high-speed content delivery and organized through a simple user interface.

Getting Started with Qencode S3
Storing your Outputs to Qencode S3

June 2023

Live Recording (DVR)

Make your live streams available for on-demand viewing anytime by recording them automatically and saving them to your desired destination.

May 2023

Simulcast Live to Multiple Targets

Broadcast your live streams simultaneously to multiple endpoints, like streaming or social media platforms. Compatible across various solutions like RTMP, WebRTC, and SRT.

April 2023

Qencode Live Streaming

Launch high quality live streams at scale, with high-speed encoding across protocols like RTMP, SRT, and WebRTC. Enhanced with robust features and global CDN for minimal latency.

Getting Started with Live Streaming