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Enhancing your videos with LCEVC

LCEVC is a V-Nova's implementation of MPEG-5 Part 2 Low Complexity Enhancement Video Encoding. LCEVC adopts a multi-layer approach where any base codec (e.g. h.264, HEVC, AV1 and others), is enhanced via an additional low bitrate stream. You can read more about LCEVC here.

Encoding with LCEVC

To enable LCEVC in your transcoding jobs you can use the following values for video_codec param:

  • lcevc_h264
  • lcevc_hevc

You also should set stitch to 2.

Query Example:

  "query": {
    "source": "...",
    "encoder_version": 2,
    "format": [
        "output": "mp4",
        "height": 1080,
        "video_codec": "lcevc_h264",
        "video_codec_parameters": {
          "lcevc_tune": "vmaf"

LCEVC params

Qencode API exposes the following params for LCEVC fine tuning, all available as attributes of video_codec_parameters object:

  • lcevc_tune
  • scaling_mode_level0
  • dc_dithering_type
  • dc_dithering_strength
  • dc_dithering_qp_start
  • dc_dithering_qp_saturate
  • m_ad_mode
  • m_hf_strength
  • m_lf_strength

Playback of LCEVC-enhanced videos

To fully benefit from enhancing your videos with LCEVC you need video player with LCEVC support. Available video player integrations are described here.