Setting up simulcast targets

You can add one or more simulcast targets to your stream. Each simulcast target should be an endpoint accepting RTMP stream from Qencode. You can manage stream simulcast targets via UI or API.

1. Managing simulcast targets via UI

You can add or delete a simulcast target for a stream by selecting it on the stream list page.

Go to the Output section on stream details page:

Manage simulcast targets

Click Add simulcast target link to add a simulcast target and enter stream URL and stream key. You can copy stream URL for existing simulcast target or delete it by clicking corresponding icon.

2. Managing simulcast targets via API

You can add a simulcast target by calling /v1/live-streams/<stream_id>/simulcast-targets method.

Removing a simulcast target is done by calling /v1/live-streams/<stream_id>/simulcast-targets/<target_id> method.